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Last week:

I smiled for the heavy rains drumming on the metal roof, soaking into the ground. Slow and steady. After such a dry summer, it just was so needed and right – a renewal, a release of all that has been building, all the “crazy” being driven back, into the earth, where it will transform, transmute. It was an added pleasure that over the two days and nights, the bulk, the weight of “heavy” fell after the midnight hours – there is nothing so comforting as inky blackness in the woods and hills with a rhythmic rain. It was such an appropriate welcome to Autumn.

Speaking of “wet” – “liquid” – “water” – I was smiling in awe and wonder, watching a new t.v. show, produced here in Canada – an original – called Race Against the Tide.
It features 10 pairs of sand sculptors who are pitting their skills in unique challenges, racing to create, against the tide – The Fundy Tide – in beautiful New Brunswick. It is the very first competition of its kind, in the world.
The beauty, in my opinion, apart from the highly creative designs and incredible skills showcased, is about the transience of life.
The competitors have 6 hours to create before the ocean, the tide destroys it all, reclaiming their creations. It reminds me of those isolated monks, who create these really intricate sand mandalas, only to then return them to the earth again.
Of course, this is crazy right? I mean, who lavishly slaves and works so hard, only to then wipe the slate clean? Artists. Creative types. Because each time we create something, we give and take and use, and then we release, let go. And then we start the process all over again. And life is like this, generally, too. Each day, each moment, is a push-pull – and the chance to be fully immersed in it, is open to us, if we choose to step into it.
The show, reminds me of this very reflective aspect. It’s engaging, thrilling and yet very zen-ish, and watching this new show always grounds me, makes me smile.

These are the two most outstanding smile aspects of this past week. Small slices that help me fill my creative well – and well-being.

☔ written for Trent’s The Weekly Smile 😊 Sept. 27 ’21. + the show is avail on CBC’s Gem

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  2. Alas, last time I tried, Gem is “only in Canada you say? Pity.” I was watching old Red Rose tea commericals on YouTube because, gasp, I bought a box of Red Rose tea in a local grocery store (on sale no less) to give to a British couple I know. Will wonders ever cease?
    But, if I close my eyes, I can be on the Fundy shore (Nova Scotia side, too), and watch the tide go out — leaving miles of sandy beach exposed for those precious 6 hours.
    Like ice sculptures, but with hyper-driven speed, epheremeral, fleeting, and somehow more beautiful for the imperence (no internet spell check).
    Words are art, too, in the sense of your evocative discussion: “Because each time we create something, we give and take and use, and then we release, let go. And then we start the process all over again”
    Excellent philosphical approach: “Each day, each moment, is a push-pull – and the chance to be fully immersed in it, is open to us, if we choose to step into it.”
    As always, your words, your art, your creation challenges me, makes me think, and of course, makes me [#weekly]smile.

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    • ooh …. your first-hand experiences of the Maritimes, the way you speak and recall and share is so Love filled – it’s breath-taking and achingly, stars-heavens filled with awe, wonder Beautiful – always fills me to the brim and into overflow.

      thank you my friend, not only for the pep/boost and compliments, but just for your self – and how magically you create – it is alchemy in its finest form 🌠🌙🌠

      ah dang it! I thought it might be the case – about Gem – but maybe someone will work some cyber voodoo magic or something and eventually it’ll make it’s way onto www availability; I mean seriously, there’s the bloody rub, right? You create this absolutely unique show – the only place in the world where it can happen – and then limit your viewing capacity to just a few (million) souls?! Bah! Ridiculous.
      At any rate – hold those memories and let your imagination soar, you can easily sculpt all kinds of wonderful in your mind, of this I’m absolutely certain. 💖


      • Thanks to you for all your kind words and encouragements for all things from writing to being. I think I’ll try the Youtube approach. You never know what someone has extracted and set aside something that’s forbidden for those who don’t stream (or live in Canada!) Will let you know.
        The Maritimes is the sort of place that gets a hold on you; memories of nature swell up, past all the other crapola of life.The Fundy bay/basin is phenomenal; I wish and hope you some day get to walk the mud flats looking for shells and bits of agate and amythest. (spell check not working: know amythest is not correct, but what is the right way to spell it . . . one of the great ponders of the universe for me

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      • always happy to spread some positive and well-deserved encouragement – and hey, 2 ears, always willing to listen 😊
        maybe one day I will be out that way, who knows? I neither dream-hard or wish anymore, but rather, just accept what is here, in the now …. I can only imagine the rest, play make-believe 😐😌😓


  3. It sounds like a cool program. Some art is created to last the generations, but often it is just the transience that makes it wonderful. Music only exists in time. You can hold a recording in your hand, but that recording isn’t music.

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    • ooh … I really like your music analogy …. haven’t thought about music in this way …. something to consider and soak in – and in a “smile” kind of way 🙂

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